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“Entertainment they say is a natural tool for replenishing lost strength; at Fixtapes, we give you in excess!”

Fixtapes is one of the fastest growing digital hubs for urban lifestyle and entertainment in the UK. We are solely concerned with quenching your thirst with the latest updates in the world of entertainment and urban lifestyle.

Fixtapes is a platform that was inspired as a result of our obsession with music, fashion, urban lifestyle, sports, and entertainment as a whole. We provide you with timely and adequately searched information that are cautiously put together with your interest in mind to keep you updated.

At fixtapes.co.uk, we have harmonized urban lifestyle news, music, sports, and fashion on a single digital platform for easy, timely, reliable and convenient dissemination of information. To further satisfy you, we also organize events, concerts, shows and parties to help you manage stress after a long hectic day or week (stress therapy!). We also ensure that the tickets to our shows, concerts and parties are made available to you on our website with just a click and at an affordable price.

We are a platform that is committed to serving you selflessly by ensuring that you have access to first-hand information as it is happening in the world of entertainment.

What is fixtape.co.uk?

  • We are extremely passionate about our users! Our decisions are users oriented to provide for a positive experience.
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  • Our platform is a source of quality, and timely updates in the world of entertainment as an urban lifestyle.
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VISION: To be the first to come to mind whenever digital hub for entertainment and urban lifestyle is mentioned

MISSION: To truncate the long process of getting information as far as entertainment is concerned.

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